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Corey is a holistic based beekeeper who empowers others to design their own bee craft around consent, curiosity, and embodiment.


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Hi there, my name is Corey and I'm committed to my work to better understand how I occupy space both in my hives and in my society.


I am so happy that you have been hearing the bee's calling and they have brought you to me.


My beekeeping mission is to recall the sacred history and culture of the honeybees through a sensory embodying practice. I work to encourage a conceptual lovership that seeks to edify the hive rather than perpetuating harmful exploitative measures.


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My path did not begin by me being a sensually embodied, sexually empowered, and consensual beekeeper. Before I began to stand in my power and build a practice upon the foundation of consent, I was living disassociated from my body and navigating life in a state of deficiency from the takings I experienced. The thought of being seen, touched or exploited left me feeling empty and hiding in my own skin.

I wasn't too sure what to do next in my life or how I wanted to live, so I dropped everything to avoid my triggers and ran away to Italy out of desperation to reconnect with my ancestral roots and find safety.


That is when I found the bees.


And it was there, that I learned how to become curious, reclaim consent, and once again be embodied. 

The bees taught me how to handle the unexpected and work within the boundaries of fear and respect. That line became blurred as I crossed between the vail, finding pleasure within the pain. What emerged was the discovery that the bee's venom was not poison, but medicine that rejuvenated and reclaimed my head and heart space.

Each time I entered into a hive, I saw what my body could do and the courage that arose. What remained was divine pleasure felt in the full spectrum of my senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. 


I allowed myself to follow the bee's lead as our interaction became like a dance. I exposed my naked skin to the bees by trusting my ability to respond rather than react to the bees. I moved according to their needs by tapping into each of my senses rather than living disassociated from them.


Each bee's life is valuable to me. I could be like a commercial farmer who penetrates a hive according to their own agenda and wear a suit by disregarding the bee's warning stings, or I could embody the way of the bee and practice the art of foreplay which has no other agenda rather than to be apart of the process and romance the bees.

I began to see Earth not as our mother, but our lover. 

A mother gives from a place of abundance and expects nothing in return, however, a lover needs exchange in order to be sustained.  

Our earth operates as a lover and in this form of environmental activism we enter into a love affair with the earth as we would a partner. It is built upon a foundation of devotion that is sustained through conservation, protection, and support. The earth has been our provider and the bees demonstrate a perfect model in how we think of regeneration. 

Image by Vivek Doshi

I'm Corey (she/her)

Your embodied beekeeper

Honeybee keeper, storyteller, and coach.

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The Ecological Stigma

The stigma is the center point and gateway to life. It is the passageway that pollen must pass through in order to fertilize the seeds hidden within the ovule.

A bee knows that she cannot simply penetrate a flower, but must seduce it in order to benefit from this symbiotic exchange. It enters into a lovership and once the flower is opened, vitality and creation can bloom.


She begins by vibrating her wings to loosen the pollen so she may roll her tongue down the pistil and suck all the hidden nectar. It is through this sensual act that pollen is able to simultaneously fall down and fertilizes the flower, creating sexual reproductive success where we may later harvest the fruit of the bee's labor.

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Bees pollinate over 100 crops grown in North America and contribute $15 billion to the US economy every year. Due to our rising demand, new stressors have been placed on bees to supply our agricultural needs. Commercial bee farming was engineered for fast and efficient beekeeping, which ultimately exploited bees and exposed them to threats that have left bees vulnerable to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.


Unmonitored for years, annual commercial mono-crop farming has contaminated local biodiversity and damaged backyard beekeeper's hive ecology.


Bee's body and their natural way of being, which embodies sensuality for plant reproduction, had been twisted and turned against them for our own gratification and needs. The emphasis is less on the process of sensual seduction and on the sexual service that could be exploited for our taking to enhance our economy's profit.

This is why now more than ever we are needing ethical, educated, and embodied beekeepers to help lower the demand off of commercial farmers and take the power back by establishing safe hives and create healthy pollinator gardens so that bees maybe once again flourish and regenerate.

As a beekeeper, I am at your service and the bees.

Together, we will create:

  •  A bee practice that aligns with your ethics and goals

  • Provide safe bee habitats 

  • Create the perfect, year round pollinator garden

  • I will guide you in how to establish, care, and sustain your bees.

  • Learn how to harvest materials and 'read the comb'

  • We will take back the sacred art of beekeeping and do our part to regenerate the earth.

  • I will coach you in how to fall in love with bees and how to romance them so they trust you and you have the most optimal pleasure experience. 

  • Hive inspections

  • Wild swarm removals

  • And so much more!

As a Professional Beekeeper
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Corey (she/her) is a holistic based beekeeper who empowers others to design their own bee craft around consent, curiosity, and embodiment. She supports others by helping them become aware of their senses by optimizing the way they experience and express pleasure. She earned her B.A in environmental science in conservation and restoration with a social science emphasis from Sonoma State University. She now helps to combine the intersectional relationship between our earth and humanity by using bee therapy and embodiment coaching. Her mission is to help others fall in love with nature and deeper parts of themselves by helping to open environmental and social stigmas. 

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