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Services: Projects


Honeybee Mentorship and Hive Managment


Swarm Removal




Sensory and Embodiment Coaching



Honeybee Hive Mentorship and Management

Have you ever thought about becoming a bee guardian, but didn't know where or how to start?

Well then, this service is for you! This is for the beekeeper who needs hands on coaching in how to keep bees!

I will be:

  • Teaching you how to establish a hive.

  • Read comb and record inspections.

  • Care and monitor your hive's progress.

  • Harvesting 

  • Use holistic and sustainable practices

  • Free landscape design 

  • and much more!



 I also offer hive management for the bee tender who wants bees on their land and want to provide a safe habitat for bees, but do not have the time or heart space to care for them. Protect your investment and keep your bees on your land by having me come out and manage your hives.


Call for a free 45 minute consultation and fill out a questionare to see what option maybe best for you!


Bee Swarm Removal



Found yourself with a wild swarm in your yard or garage and need it removed? Look no further! I will safely collect them and relocate them to a healthy, happy habitat where they will thrive!

I also give talks and presentations where I workshop on bees and restoring our ecology!

Contact me for a consultation to book today!




Embodiment Coaching

Call and schedule a dominatrix consultation with Mistress Mae

Bee and Body Art Pieces

Ethically and sustainably designed ceramic art. Made from my own hives where I collected the deceased bees that passed on in front of my hive. Giving them new life and a resting place in handcrafted pu$$ies to represent the seduction of our bodies and their ever entangled connection with nature.


Personalized art pieces

1 on 1 consultation

PDF worksheets

Guided editation 

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